The Place Makers by MSC U

By T.J. Logan

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Speakers: Mary DeNiro (The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International), Kelsey Harmon Finn (National Association of College Auxiliary Services), Joseph M. Ginese (City University of New York Borough of Manhattan Community College) and Mike Moss (Ann Arbor based Society for College and University Planning).


EPISODE 18: How Higher Ed Keeps Planning During Such a Crazy Time in the World

Speakers: Dr. Nicholas Santilli (Society for College and University Planning), Dr. Erica Eckert (Kent State University), Dr. James Harris (University of San Diego), Dr. Lynn D. Akey (Minnesota State University)


EPISODE 17: Exploring the Access Gaps in Higher Ed with the New Normal We’re Living In

Speakers: Sara Goldrick-Rab (Temple University and Hope Center for College) and La’Tonya Rease Miles, Ph.D. (UCLA)


EPISODE 16: What Public & Private Student Housing Looks Like for Fall 2020 and Beyond

Speakers: Allan Blattner (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill), Jason A. Taylor (American Campus Communities), and Patricia Martinez (University of Alabama at Birmingham)


EPISODE 15: The Updated Numbers: What to Expect for Fall Enrollment

Speakers: Elizabeth Johnson (SimpsonScarborough) and Brandon Busteed (Kaplan)


EPISODE 14: Higher Ed Return Plans

Speakers: Jonathan Zimmerman (University of Pennsylvania) and Jabir McKnight (Dream Beacon)


EPISODE 13: An Update on COVID and Higher Ed

Speakers: Kelsey Finn (CEO of NACAS) and Clayton Mitchell (Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities at Jefferson)



EPISODE 12: The Role of College Athletics in the New Normal (If That’s A Thing)

Speaker: Michael Cross, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Athlete Viewpoint


EPISODE 11: The Tech Disruption in Higher Ed

Speakers: Samyr Qureshi, Founder and CEO of Knack; and Cooper Jones, Founder and Ceo of Rah Rah


EPISODE 10: The Future of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Higher Ed

Speakers:  Pete Cramer, Director of Development, Wexford; Mark Long, Director of Incubation Services, University of Florida; and Jabir McKnight, Co-Founder | Director of Campus Recruitment & Business Development at DREAMBEACON


EPISODE 9: The Role of Community College in the Future of Higher Ed

Speakers: Dr. Ed Cabellon, Higher Education Consultant and Dr. Mordecai Browlee Vice President for Student Success at St. Philip’s College


EPISODE 8: A Conversation with Brandon Busteed

Speakers: Brandon Busteed, President of University Partners and Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan


EPISODE 7: The Future of the Student Engagement & Student Affairs

Speakers: Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, CASP and Dr. Josie Ahlquist.



EPISODE 6: The Future of the Spaces Beyond the Classroom

Speakers: Kelsey Harmon Finn of NACAS.



EPISODE 5: Student Perspective on the Future of Higher Ed


EPISODE 4: The Future of Hospitality on Campus

Speakers: Vennie Gore, VP for Auxiliary Enterprises, Michigan State University; David Damon, AIA, Principal, Perkins and Will; and Tim Ryan, Chief Investment Officer, Graduate Hotels



EPISODE 3: Capital Planning

Speakers: RBC Capital Markets and Clayton “Mitch” Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Real Estate and Facilities from Thomas Jefferson


EPISODE 2: The Future of the College Union


EPISODE 1: Student Housing, What Now?