The Place Makers by MSC U

By T.J. Logan

EPISODE 11: The Tech Disruption in Higher Ed

Speakers: Samyr Qureshi, Founder and CEO of Knack; and Cooper Jones, Founder and Ceo of Rah Rah

EPISODE 10: The Future of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Higher Ed

Speakers:  Pete Cramer, Director of Development, Wexford; Mark Long, Director of Incubation Services, University of Florida; and Jabir McKnight, Co-Founder | Director of Campus Recruitment & Business Development at DREAMBEACON

EPISODE 9: The Role of Community College in the Future of Higher Ed

Speakers: Dr. Ed Cabellon, Higher Education Consultant and Dr. Mordecai Browlee Vice President for Student Success at St. Philip’s College

EPISODE 8: A Conversation with Brandon Busteed

Speakers: Brandon Busteed, President of University Partners and Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan

EPISODE 7: The Future of the Student Engagement & Student Affairs

Speakers: Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, CASP and Dr. Josie Ahlquist.


EPISODE 6: The Future of the Spaces Beyond the Classroom

Speakers: Kelsey Harmon Finn of NACAS.


EPISODE 5: Student Perspective on the Future of Higher Ed


EPISODE 4: The Future of Hospitality on Campus

Speakers: Vennie Gore, VP for Auxiliary Enterprises, Michigan State University; David Damon, AIA, Principal, Perkins and Will; and Tim Ryan, Chief Investment Officer, Graduate Hotels


EPISODE 3: Capital Planning

Speakers: RBC Capital Markets and Clayton “Mitch” Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Real Estate and Facilities from Thomas Jefferson

EPISODE 2: The Future of the College Union

EPISODE 1: Student Housing, What Now?