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With 34 years of retail real estate brokerage in our DNA, and deep-rooted experience in planning, concepting and operations, MSC is the nation’s leading full-service retail real estate consultancy.

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Commercial real estate is evolving rapidly. Intellectual capital has become the commodity in a world where investors and owners of all asset classes require forward-looking solutions. We are dynamic, we are deliberate, and we are accountable. We are your partner in creating value and long-term stability.


MSC’s unique position as the nation’s preeminent tenant representation brokerage firm has been built on a diverse array of tenants that operate in every type of commercial real estate asset.

MSC University

Create an experience, define a campus and increase university loyalty and affinity. The experiential component of a campus, university district or student housing project is critical to attracting, maintaining, and furthering relationships with prospective and existing students, faculty, alumni, investors, and the surrounding community. Create a campus vibe and spread it — that’s MSC University.

Investment Sales

Underwriting an investment sale is the easy part. Our team is really, really smart. But what makes us unique and separates us from a lot of other smart people out there — leasing. Our investment sales team leverages our deep retail leasing expertise, relationships, and market information to unlock value in assets. Having an insane Rolodex of contacts helps, too.

Property Management

We are obsessive about the details — little things matter. With over 30 years of leasing expertise in our DNA, we know the value of first-class management and the critical correlation to an asset’s desirability. Every piece of real estate has competition and MSC Property Management makes sure our assets are highly competitive in a world where tenants have options.


Grown from our desire to provide a holistic array of client-centric real estate solutions that go beyond site selection, MSC Development curates best-in-class tenancy through ground up or redevelopment projects in high barrier to entry trade areas. Our long-standing relationships with top professional service providers, coupled with our ability to eliminate guesswork and typical development assumptions, allows MSC Development to deliver successful results for all parties involved.


At its core, College-Brands is intended to support university missions or specific goals by helping identify opportunities that exist with unaffiliated third-parties to improve the experience for campus constituents while creating long-term revenue solutions.


We’ve opened restaurants, written business plans, raised capital, designed menus and planned food halls. On top of that, we’ve been one of the country’s most dynamic and prolific restaurant brokerage firms.


The experience to create amazing experiences. Urban, suburban, mixed-use and anchor institutions. In a crowded world of experiential retail, we help make cool things that will last.

Research & Planning

Art and science — science and art. We are freakishly good at making recommendations based on qualitative market realities: actionable and achievable solutions. Yet, some clients require the science to support the art. Marrying the two is what makes MSC different — it’s how people know us. It’s what we do.


Who you know > What you know. The motto of all things LA. We know people who know places. Headquartered in the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills, our laser focused LA team, born and raised in the celebrity sparkled streets of LA, links extensive global relationships with deep-rooted local connections. In the city where being seen in the best scene matters, our unmatched market knowledge and decades of experience result in successful real estate strategies for the world’s most iconic brands, restaurants and developers.